SaveOnBenefits Senior Care Services
It's important for our loved ones to have their freedom. Here at SaveOnBenefits we understand that each senior has a different situation therefore each loved one needs a unique tailored support system. We offer remote support services that tailor to each person's unique needs and abilites. SENIOR CONNECT has everything your loved one needs to feel connected, ensure they are safe, monitored and given the nessesities to live a happy independent life. SENIOR CONNECT also notifies loved ones inregards to all the activies and medications they have taken, time stamped to be easily reviewed when downloading log enteries.
Remote Care Services
We will provide you with peace of mind by customizing a remote care system for your caregivers and love ones. Our SENIOR CONNECT™ sytems includes: Activity Monitoring, Medication & Appointment Reminders, Ease-To-Use TouchScreen, Remote Client Monitoring, Social Engaement Features, 24/7 Medical Chat and Digital Health Management. SaveOnBenefits has everything required to ensure your loved one's are safe and healthy. Your loved ones deserve care and companionship.
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In-Home Care Services
Cargiving is difficult for anyone. We all have aging parents who may require someone to oversee them. We provide full service non-medical home care including personal emergency response systems and medical equipment. Our goal at SaveOnBenefits is to ensure your loved ones can enjoy a healthy, safe and independent lifestyle. These Services include Care Management, Personal Assistance, Errands & Transportation, Meals, Light Housekeeping, Companionship, Live 24/7 In-Home Care Support.
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Senior Care Bundled
This Senior Care Bundle includes everything from our In-Home Care Service with perks. Perks like assistance with getting in/out of bed, dressing, washroom and bathing. Our caregivers can also assist with daily activies such as providing transport, housework, grocery shopping, arranging for outside services and managing finances. SaveOnBenefits has everything from weekday health checks to rise & shine wakeup and mealtime nutrition packages with prepared meals, feedings and cleaning.
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Bill Paying Services
Here at SaveOnBenefits our team of specialist understand that when we get old it can be somewhat difficult managing all our finacial responsibilities. We can assist with sorting and processing personal mail. We can idenify & pay bills through our online bill payment system, prepare checks, balance books, reconcile bank statements and resolve any complications. We ensure your finances are safe, idenifying any and all fraud "red flags" through maintaining and organizaing of bank records.
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Property Maintenance
It's important to keep our homes well serviced and maintained. Our Property Maintence service included a wide variety of services such as house cleaning, handyman repair (Leaks, Doors, Heating, and More), yard work (Mow, Edges and Trims..), home safety & security, Seasonal Work (Snow showing, cleaning gutters and more..) and lastly special projects which need to be done. SaveOnBenefits Property Maintence Package is perfect for not only seniors but anyone who needs help with maintenance.
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Child Care / Nanny
Nanny Pay™, quartly, semi-monthly or monthly caregiver tax remittance to Canada Renenue Agenecy as well as T4/T4A end of year summary's. We also take care of WSIB remitance, Record of Employment and even pay the employee directly on your behalf through direct deposit. This package is our most affordable way to relieve the time and hassle of managing and reporting your nanny's payroll taxes/earnings. See all 3 of our NANNY PAY™ options by clicking here. Find your perfect plan.
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Video Calls
Our video calling feature will be pre-programmed with family, friends, care givers and your family doctor.The user simply, touches the picture of the individual they want to call, the video call is initiated, connecting the users via a clear, safe, video connection allowing them to communicate with one another. Keeping your relative socially integrated with whoever, whenevee, so no more loneliness.
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Secure Messaging

Our customers are notified when they recieve a new letter, the user just clicks the notification and it opens directly on our screens. The user can easily reply by clicking the contacts photo or using a keyboard if perferred. The system is completely safe and secure.

Photos & Video Sharing

This amazing feature allows seniors to add family photo's and video of their memorable family occasions. SENIOR CONNECT can link to the family member's facebook accounts making it seamlessly easy to share with loved ones. Keeps our younger generation connected with their grandparents. Seniors can look back at family weddings and vacations to remind them of their achievements.

Daily Schedules and Prompts

The daily schedule can alert the user to take their medication, prompt them to make a cup of tea, or take their sandwich from the fridge at lunch time. The system can also show a 'picture prompt' on the touch screen for example "time to watch TV", a picture of the remote control, with arrows showing the correct buttons to press. Banners can appear across the bottom of the touch screen at set times. Reminding them of birthdays and important dates ensuring they have the means to wish individuals with happy greetings.

Games & Music

Music is a very powerful tool to help individuals with dementia, music helps us tap into memories of our past and bring us back to life, enabling them to feel like themselves again. Games are just as important for keeping our minds strong and sharp. Mind games like Suduko help strengthen our minds. There are also fun games which they can use to engage with their grandchildren.

Secure Use of Websites

It's important for our seniors to have the freedom to explore the internet without having to worry about security. With SENIOR CONNECT this is as simple as one click, touch buttons of their favourite sites, secure internet banking / secure online shopping. With our simple system there are no computer skills required. Each system is setup bespoke for the user from the initial assessment, allowing them to enjoy a wealth of knowledge with just the touch of a button.

Medication Compliance

This feature is very important as it ensures our seniors are taking their medication by managing the processes by adding their prescriptions directly onto the system. SENIOR CONNECT can notify the senior the time in which they need to take the medication as well as a picture of what it looks like, the dosage requirements, rules assosicated with taking the medication and lastly a confirmation of taking the medication.

Care Plan / Care Notes

Within the caregiving section of SENIOR CONNECT, the Caregiver logs in with their own 4-digit code, this logs the time and date, then there is a list of pre-entered tasks within the Care Plan for the family member or the PSW / RN needs to complete. As the tasks are completed they are ticked to confirm they are complete and for accountability. There is also a section called Care Notes, this is where notes can be added and circulated to the Caregivers for that individual. There is also a reports function within Care Plan/Notes so that you can select a date range and print all the care notes if required.

Rule Based Alerts

SENIOR CONNECT can have simple "Rules". We often feel guilty or worried because we have busy lives and worry whether Mom or Dad have taken their medication or whether Dad has returned home after taking the dog for a walk at night. This is where SENIOR CONNECT simple to use Rules are applied. For example, by applying a rule to an activity sensor we can be alerted if the rule is breached, our rule could be “if Dad leaves the house after 10:00pm and has not returned home by 11:00pm send an alert."

Health Assessments

SENIOR CONNECT has built-in health assessments. For example, if the user has a condition such as Diabetes the system can be set to prompt the user to take an assessment each day which consists of a series of 5 multiple choice question which will determine how that person is. The results can be emailed to a family member, a Caregiver and / or a health professional allowing them to check the results and intervene if necessary "early intervention, can result in prevention". If the score from the assessment was low, then this would allow the person to check the reports on the system to see if they had been taking their medication, or eating and drinking.

Telehealth Devices

SENIOR CONNECT works with most telehealth devices. For example, the system can be set to prompt the individual to take their blood pressure.The user would take the blood pressure cuff, wrap it around their arm and activate the machine, once the machine has taken the reading it alerts the user that the reading is successful, the user touches the 'accept' and the reading is stored. If the user is being monitored by a doctor, he / she can set, High, Average and Low readings, to these readings a rule can be set to email or text the doctor if the reading is on or below the Lowest reading. The system can be used for weight problems, urinary infections and so much more.

Soothing Music / Video

Music is very powerful for individuals with dementia, musical favourites tap memories not lost to dementia and can bring participants back to life, enabling them to feel like themselves again, converse, socialise and stay present. Music can also be therapeutic and can help empower people when carrying out an exercise routine. We can link several yoga and exercise videos with music to encourage the individual to take their exercise when prompted by the system.

Door / Window Sensor

Dad normally walks the dog at 10.00pm for 20 minutes, if he has not returned by 11:00pm an alert would be sent to the neighbour, the children and his primary caregiver.
Using a door sensor, we setup a rule to state that if the door is opened after 10.30pm and has not been reopened and closed by 11pm an alert would be sent to via text/voice call or email to the individuals noted above.

Wandering Sensors

We suspect that Mom's routine starts to go out of sync between 11:00pm and 7:00am when she starts wandering around, going downstairs, making drinks numerous time throughout the night, opening the fridge or opening the external door.
If excessive movement is detected over a period of three nights then an alert will be sent. This can also be backed up with, if the exterior door is opened between these times any night to alert the individual that “it's 3:00am go back to bed”. The system would also send an alert to a neighbour, a family member or primary caregiver.

Temperature Sensor

Mom has not been feeling well for the last week but refuses to go to the doctor claiming she only has a cold. Notwithstanding she continues to turn up the heat as she can't get warm.
If the temperature in the house exceeds 23 degrees Celsius (73 Fahrenheit) or drops below 17 degrees Celsius (63 Fahrenheit), the system would send an alert to a neighbour, a family member or primary caregiver.

Emergency Pendant

Mom has had a few falls around the house where she is too weak to get herself back up. She is too afraid to use a pendant connected to a Personal Emergency Response System as she doesn't want 911 to be called and break down her door.
Mom can wear an emergency pendant or wristband connected to the SENIOR CONNECT system. The pendant / wristband can be programmed such that an alert can be sent out to a family member, and / or neighbour and / or primary caregiver advising them she has a non-medical emergency and needs assistance.

Video Door Camera

Mom and Dad are in their late eighties and are nervous about answering the front door when they don't know who is there. It would be nice if they could see who is there once they hear the doorbell ring.
If Mom and / or Dad hear the doorbell, they can go to the SENIOR CONNECT system and push the Video Camera icon to see who is at the door at which point they can decide to answer it or not.

Button Monitoring

Dad's normal routine is to sit at the breakfast table between 6:00am and 9:00am. every day and read the newspaper or watch the morning news. If would be nice to know if he is up every day and to let us know everything is OK.
IF I'm OK (On Screen) is pushed anytime then send a text, voice call or email to a family member(s) or primary caregiver with a note advising them "Dad has checked in for the morning." IF I'm OK (On Screen) is NOT pushed from 6:00AM-9:00AM then send a text, voice call or email to a family member(s), a neighbour and / or primary caregiver with a note advising them "Dad has NOT checked in for the morning. Please check on him".

Senior Connect is unique. Each installation can be customized to fit every senior's needs. And as those needs change over time, so does Senior Connect. You don't need one solution for activity monitoring, another for health concerns, and a third for family connectivity. With Senior Connect, you can have all the things you need and none that you don't. That's why Senior Connect is the number one choice of home health providers, family caregivers, senior communities, and more.
Basic Package
The Basic Package includes a 17.5" touchscreen tablet that has been custom program for your specific needs. Upon arrival, the unit simply needs to be plugged in and you are ready to use it. The only thing that needs to be done is to enter your internet password. No internet, no problem, we can provide that service for you as well (for more information, see below).
Included in the Basic Package
  • Video calling
  • Secure messaging
  • Picture and video sharing
  • Secure websites
  • Medication reminders
  • Virtual video visits: a new service offering for your caregivers to virtually check-in
  • Calendar scheduling directly to the touchscreen in the home
  • Care Coordination between caregivers, care managers, and family
  • Caregiver check-in button in the home
  • Caregiver to-do checklists (bathing, medications, grocery shopping, etc..
Wellness Options
In addition to the features outlined in the Basic Package, the Wellness Options allows you to purchase one or more of the bluetooth enabled teleHealth Peripherals. Please inquire regarding the cost of the specific unit(s) that you are interested in. The five choices currently available include:
  • Automatic blood pressure cuff
  • Weight scale
  • Pulse oximeter
  • Glucose meter
  • Ear thermometer
Activity Monitoring Options
In addition to the features outlined in the Basic Package, the Activity Monitoring Options allows you to purchase various smart home technology components to meet your love one's needs. Please inquire regarding the current price list of options available. Some of the more popular options used are as follows:
  • Motion detector with pet sensitivity
  • Window/door detector
  • Pressure pad sensor
  • Multisensor
  • Temperature sensor
  • Controlled light switch
  • Controlled outlet