Benefit Solution Made Simple And Easy
A Health Spending Account allows your business to have benefits you and your team accually require. Health Spending Accounts are 100% tax-deductuble, easy to manage and renew annually. They require minimual mantaince, as well as give you and your team the flexability to fully cover the benefits they want up to their allowed limit set by the employer. Employee's can manage their benefits online through the website portal or the phone app.
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Pick a time which is convinent for yourself to dicuss all the benfits of a Health Care Spending Account (HSCA or HSA) over Tradition Benefits. Health Spending Accounts are for all indivuals whether your a company of one or a massive corporation.

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Personal Meeting

Detailed discussion about the benefits of using a HSA, along with tailored plan that increases company morale and insure the best benefits. Let us show you the difference between after-tax personal medical expenses and our health spending accounts which are before-tax business deductibles.

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Better Than Cash

These benefits are better than cash, simpily because they are given to employee's pre-tax and can cover your required needs. Income tax already taxes away enough from our wallets, lets put money back into our pockets with pre-tax "Money" which is also a tax deductible.

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Build Your Business

We want to attact the best employees for our buisness venture, why not the best benefits?

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Choose The Right Benefits

SaveOnBenefits Health Spending Accounts ensures your team has the health & dental care they desire and deserve.

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Better Than Cash

Pre-taxed income is like winning the lottery, simply better than cash. The perfect incentive for your striving business venture.

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Health Spending Accounts
Control How Much Is Spent On What's Required
No Premiums
No Deductible
24 Hour Claim Processing
Clear List Of Insurable Services
Equivalent to Cash Allowance With Annual Topoff
Traditional Insurance
Pre-Determined Values For Each Category Of Care
Premiums Depend on age & use
Slow Claim Processing
Limited & Restricted Coverage
Percentage Coverage Without Topoff
Who Ever Owns A Business

1.) Do you or your employees have medical expenses?

2.) Does your business pay income tax?

3.) Do you want flexability on coverage?

Our team at SaveOnBenefits are waiting for you to schedule an appointment. The plans offers health and dental coverage, it's important to understand that they funcationality of a Health Spending Account is different based on the structure of your company. It's time for your company to stop losing money to income tax.

What Are Health Spending Accounts

A Health Spending Account (HSA) is also refered to as a Health Care Spending Account (HCSA) or Private Health Service Plan (PHSP). All these are interchangeable and mean the same thing.

A Health Spending Account is cost-effective way of proving health and dental benefits to your employees. These benefits are fully tax deductible to the business and recieved by the employees 100% tax-free. There are no premiums, hidden fees, deductibles, copay or small print policies.

Why We Choose A HSA Over Tradtion Insurance

Simply put a Health Spending Account allows the flexability and freedom to ensure our employees are covered the way they want. Tradition plans don't take into account the needs of individuals and determine the services which they want their money to be allocated too.

When Ever You're Ready

Making the change is the best thing you can do to get the edge on securing potential employees. It directly transfers the value from the employer to the employee. The employee is in charge of their own coverage and claims.

Why Not Have The Best Benefits Package

Final step to getting the best benefits package is to book an appointment or call us directly at 416-986-0984